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PostSubject: cl_maxpackets   Sun 11 Jan 2009, 8:51 pm

"/cl_maxpackets (then space and value)". Minimum is 30. Maximum is 100.

This basically determines the number of fps (frames per second) you are uploading. FYI: must be below your "maxfps" (see below for maxfps settings).
The more maxpackets you have, the more likely you are to injure your opponent. The more you have, the more your ping will increase and your connection will be more stable!
In all cases try to set cl_maxpackets to equal your average framerate or your com_maxfps setting or a divisor of it without saturating your upstream bandwidth. Use the FPS figure displayed using cg_drawFPS "1" as a guideline for actual FPS. For Example if you are currently at com_maxfps "76" then try a value of 38 or 76 for cl_maxpackets. If you have set your FPS above 100 then use a divisor of your FPS, for example if you are currently capped at 125 FPS then try 31/32 or 62/63 as a cl_maxpackets setting. See the note (below) ab00t packetloss in the cl_packetdup entry.

When playing on a Punkbuster enabled server you may need to reduce cl_maxpackets and/or adjust pb_sleep to reduce lag spikes.

* NOTE: If you are playing a an ISP that allocates you a 62.x.x.x IP address and you play on a server with a 62.x.x.x IP address you may have problems with bandwidth flooding. Quake3 assumes you are on a LAN and forces your cl_maxpackets to a higher setting. The only workaround at this time is to lower your com_maxfps to 100 or below (cl_maxpackets will never go above com_maxfps setting).
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PostSubject: Re: cl_maxpackets   Mon 12 Jan 2009, 10:11 am

I changed mine from 125 to 65 I'll let ya know if it helps.

Thanks again for your great wisdom study
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PostSubject: No Problem   Mon 12 Jan 2009, 10:55 am

Any time I can help, I try... It's a potential solution maybe, at least it is something to try instead of just giving up... Laughing

I all of a sudden started getting weird errors on my PC last night. It looked like video problems. When windows was loading and giving me the splash screen I was getting like video drop outs and thought oh crap, hope one of my cards isn't failing. Then I booted into other windows ver and it started doing same thing.

Went and reset my bios, removed sound card and went back in and seemed okay except it froze once with irregular stuff going on. Then I rebooted again and uninstalled some nvidia stuff that I thought might be causing issues and then went back in and it looked ok. The problem then was I ran WAW and as soon as I get in, I get these nasty smears of video across the screen almost like triangles jabbing into the center of screen and it all freezes. Reminds of when you overclock your video or what not and then it starts to wig out, but I'm not doing any OC'ing.

This happened late so couldn't really troubleshoot too much except to get the pc back up and operational. Not sure what could have changed or what was going on. I may test the RAM because that might be a possiblity since I've gotten some strange problems with various stuff over the past couple weeks, and definitely since I've started using COD WAW..

I hate having to do this..... Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: cl_maxpackets   

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